Emmy Rossum Talks About Her New Burt’s Bees Campaign and The Importance of Diverse Campaigns

Everyone’s favorite chapstick brand Burt’s Bees recently launched a beauty collection, adding foundations, mascaras, and eyeshadows to its existing product range. To promote the new super-affordable and natural line Burt’s tapped Emmy Rossum, who plays the do-it-all sister Fiona Gallagher on the show Shameless (super fans might know her as Claire Addison from the Disney […]

Lili Reinhart’s Face Mask Costs Only $14

Lili Reinhart, who plays girl-next-door Betty Cooper on the CW’s Riverdale, has the kind of shiny hair and glowy skin you could spot from across a room. (Yes, even if you were entrenched in a murder mystery à la Riverdale, bets are you could still easily spot Reinhart’s classic Betty ponytail from the other side […]

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

NYDG Skincare Re-Contour Eye Gel When it comes to targeting under-eye puffiness at home, New York City dermatologist Dr. David Colbert advises looking for products with gentle ingredients–chamomile, algae extract, liquorice root, hyaluronic acid and oils like argan, pomegranate, or marula. For a quick fix, Colbert’s eye gel combines hyaluronic acid with aloe, horse chestnut, […]

How-to do the Instagram beauty trend

Forget a Rudolph nose on your ugly sweater, the latest bizarre makeup craze is cute and crafty. Images: Instagram@ritapalmroos / @marindamonkey The ugly Christmas jumper is a northern hemisphere tradition – the tackier and more hideous, the better. But being in Australia, home of Summer Bay and the heatwave, the idea of donning anything long-sleeved […]